Making you comfortable is our top priority, our staff have many years experience.


    Your customised seat is built by our highly skilled team at our workshop in Sligo.


    If you ever have a problem with your seat, we'll be available to help.

    From first consultation to final delivery, we are committed to working with you and your Occupational Therapist to provide a solution that meets your needs.



    A one hour consultancy where we will take a mould which is scanned and used for the basis of your seat.



    Fabrication at our company premises in sligo is carried out by our experienced and skilled staff.



    We can deliver the seating system at a local clinic close to you.

    Shane’s new wheelchair has changed his life dramatically, he is now pain free and a very happy man. I never thought a change of seat could make such a big difference.
    Shane Reilly | Moulded Seat System User
    Sam always slept in fetal position. It is very hard to get his body straight as he has CP that affects all his limbs. The sleep system was introduced and Sam now sleeps straight on his back and he's very relaxed in bed.
    Sam Forde | Sleep System User
    Luke Conway and LC Seating certainly went above and beyond the call of duty. He even came to our house to see if the chair would fit through the doors and general movement. This company pays so much attention to detail to ensure that Karen would have the luxury she deserves..We wish to thank Luke and LC Seating for comfort and support. Without those people, where would we be? Thank you all, we love you all to bits.
    Karen | Moulded Seat System User


    We would be happy to meet you and show you our seating solutions and answer any questions you might have.

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