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While the market was well established, Luke recognised that by offering patients easy access to `assessment clinics` and a flexible approach to system design, that included an upgrade option not encouraged by his main competitors, he could develop a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Added to a strong background in engineering combined with, years of biomechanical experience during his time within the health service ensured that he could bring real expertise to finding the best solutions for clients and their occupational therapists.


Carol’s role covers a broad range of activities within LC Seating and her 6 years of experience in a leading accountancy firm has resulted in a systematic and thorough approach such as preparation of invoices for clients and processing of invoices from suppliers. She is responsible for the preparation of monthly reports for management meetings as well as the development of company software for use at seating clinics and maintenance of our website and social media. She also prepares and submits periodic Revenue returns.


Stephen Conway has 11 years’ experience in managing a leading manufacturing facility employing 30 staff across various manufacturing techniques such as metal machining, injection moulding and manual / automatic assembly. He joined LC Seating in January 2016 and is currently leading the production facility into a new phase of growth.


Marie-Therese is responsible for management of production of Carved Foam Seating Systems. Her role involves preparing files and specifics of materials required for carving seating systems. She also works on scheduling manufacturing of customised products and monitoring capacity as well as materials required to ensure delivery of systems in the best timescale possible. She is also responsible for scheduling of client appointments.


Richard is our Rehabilitation Engineer who attends clinics assessing clients for custom seating systems, modular seating systems and wheelchairs. Richard has many years of experience working with seating and wheelchairs. He covers the south Dublin and the south east of the country.


David is our Occupational Therapist who attendes the Northern Ireland and east cost covering north Dublin clinics. David is a fully qualified OT and has many years experience of working in the area of wheelchair seating. He can help you assess for custom seating systems, modular seating systems and wheelchairs. David has also a lot of experience working with sleep systems. He works with some of the large centres in Dublin to provide the sleep system solutions for clients with complex sleep requirements.


Patricia is responsible for the preparation and sending of quotes to customers along with the preparation and issuing of purchase orders to suppliers. Patricia has years of experience working in this field.


Edward is responsible for management and inspection of products delivered to and the packaging and arrangement of delivery of goods for which a clinic appointment is not necessary. Edward's 30 years’ of experience in storeroom management and general maintenance has brought real expertise to LC Seating, particularly in the management of stock levels and assembly of wheelchairs and custom seating in accordance to end-users requirements.

Sean’s role involves preparation of foam blocks for machining, assembly of foam for mid-fit of seating systems and alterations following same. Sean is involved in the inspection of products delivered to LC Seating and the packaging, assembly and arrangement of delivery of goods for clients.


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