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Providing custom made moulded seating solutions to meet your needs and shape is the heart of our business.

Moulded Seating Insert (MSI)

  • Provide a high level of support.
  • The scanned shape is cut and foam layers are formed over this, with plastic on top.
  • The layers or removable liners can be taken out of the system to allow for growth, which is very useful for growing children.
  • Removable liners can be made from different foam density, which can be useful if extra pressure relief is required.

See our FAQ for questions that have been asked by wheelchair users, families and carers.

Carved Foam System (CFS)

Carved foam systems provide a high level of comfort. The scanned shape is cut into different densities of foam to keep the overall width to a minimum.

High density foam helps improve the overall life of the seating system.

There is a option to have the CFS in either as a one or two piece shell. This can depend on the type of wheelchair the system is being mounted to or if the chair needs to be dismantled.

Moulded Toilet Seats

Moulded toilet seats provide the user with the opportunity for personal dignity and increased privacy. These systems are made in the same way as the MSI mould. The shape from your custom made moulded seating can be made into a moulded toilet seat very easily. These systems can also help when showering if there is not enough space for a shower cradle.

Shane’s new wheelchair has changed his life dramatically, he is now pain free and a very happy man. I never thought a change of seat could make such a big difference.
Shane Reilly | Moulded Seat System User
Sam always slept in fetal position. It is very hard to get his body straight as he has CP that affects all his limbs. The sleep system was introduced and Sam now sleeps straight on his back and he's very relaxed in bed.
Sam Forde | Sleep System User
Luke Conway and LC Seating certainly went above and beyond the call of duty. He even came to our house to see if the chair would fit through the doors and general movement. This company pays so much attention to detail to ensure that Karen would have the luxury she deserves..We wish to thank Luke and LC Seating for comfort and support. Without those people, where would we be? Thank you all, we love you all to bits.
Karen | Moulded Seat System User


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