Along with our clinical staff, we will work together to provide the best solution to meet the wheelchair users needs.

Clinic Locations

We have an established network of clinics across Ireland. These clinics are based at regional centres so that the service is brought to the wheelchair user. By doing this we get the best postural position for the seating evaluation because the wheelchair user isn't tired after a long journey to the clinic, the client also has the added advantage of being familiar with their surroundings. These small differences can make a big difference to the comfort of the finished seat.


All of our clinical staff have completed 24 hour complex postural management courses. In the assessment we address all the 24 hour postural needs including Sleep Systems. A full quotation of the products assessed for will be provided within 5 working days. This is in line with our ISO9001 quality management system requirements.


At delivery we adjust the positioning belts and harnessing. We set the position of the head, arm and foot supports so that they fully support and meet the wheelchair users needs. A demo of the features and functions of the seating and wheelchair are given. We always advise videoing this as reference for family and carers. The user instructions for all aspects are handed over and explained.

Follow up service

We understand that the needs and positions of the wheelchair users change. The benefit of our scheduled regional clinic network is that it provides reassurance for future improvements for all of our systems in a timely fashion. Our trained clinical staff are available to help. These adjustments might be as simple as changing a lap strap or as difficult as transferring the custom seating to a new wheelchair. 


We would be happy to meet you and show you our seating solutions and answer any questions you might have.