Wheelchair Users

Providing you with comfort and support so that you can live your life to your full potential is what drives us to excellence.

What to Expect

What you should expect at an LCS clinic is:

  • We will assess you in your current wheelchair. We will look at the good points so we can build these into your new seat.
  • We will check your range of motion. This allows us to understand what seating best suits your needs.
  • We will discuss possible solutions to your seating needs and agree what items to try.

Try it Out

At LCS we provide an extensive range of seating from a number of different manufacturers from around the world. We can make a custom seat for you, and we can also assist in sourcing the correct product that will support your needs. At LCS we can provide you with the complete seating solution.

Delivery of Your Seating

We will transfer you to the new system and make the final adjustments so that everything is just right. We will show you the features and functions of the new system, there is always a lot to take in at this stage. We always advise that you bring a smartphone or video camera with you so that this part can be videoed, this is useful when showing other care staff what the chair can do.

After Care and Support

We understand that situations change. That is why we offer reviews in our clinics. If your wheelchair needs are urgent then contact your OT, this may be dealt with through servicing. As far as possible we build our systems so that we can accommodate change, we can change parts of your seating. Over time, parts wear out and break, but we are there to support you when this happens.


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