Our Process

Our staff are dedicated to finding the best possible solution to suit your seating needs. Here is how we can help.


At your consultation you will meet a member of our OT or Rehab Engineering team. We will consider all the factors that relate to your seating needs such as:

  • Range of motion
  • Transfers
  • Pressure relief
  • Personal hygiene/toilet needs
  • Daily functions and more

The best position is agreed by all and then moulding begins.

The Technology

Using the latest scanning technology, we capture the impression from the moulding bags with the use of  a 3D scanner. Our purpose built CARE program (Client Assessment Record and Evaluation) is completed with all the information that is required to make your perfect seat. The accuracy of this scanning hard and software ensures we cut the seat to the wheelchair users exact shape.

The Seat

The scan and CARE program are received within minutes of the consultation. The process of fabrication begins. One of our engineers starts working on your perfect seat.

The shape from the scan is then cut into a block of foam. Different grades of foam, gel and air pads can be added to give a higher level of pressure relief and comfort. When the machine processing is finished, our technical staff take over and add the finishing touches.


We have a wide range of cover colours and materials to choose from. Some materials are better for breathablility and others are just pink!. The covers are hand made to suit the individual seat and back. We always advise getting two sets of covers, this way one can be washed and dried while the other set is on the chair. We keep the pattern of the covers on file in case you need another set. 


After the machine process, one of our dedicated staff often applies some finishing touches reflecting the bespoke nature of the seating. There are many different types of wheelchairs on the market. We havent yet found a wheelchair that we can't mount a seating system too. Our clinical staff provide all the relevant information about the wheelchair so the technicians can finish the chair as required.

Perfecting the Shape

All client requirments are considered, particulary the use of lap belts and shoulder harnesses. We take great care when fitting these items. We cut sections from the foam to allow them go over the top of the covers. This allows for easy removal of covers for washing and is based on feedback we have received from wheelchair users and their families. Please get in touch if you have any ideas for how we can improve our seating. 

Adding the Details

Ventilation and heat build up can be a concern when using moulded seating. We can add holes, and use special fabrics, to reduce heat build up. There are different types of moulded systems to help with air circulation. We can also mould the headrest or lower leg section to allow for difficult head or lower leg positions. These parts can be removable or fixed as part of the seating system. 


At delivery of your custom made seating system, we will demonstrate the features of the chair such as:

  1. How to take the covers off for machine washing
  2. Taking the seating system from the chair for folding
  3. The correct position for belts and harnessing
  4. The functions of the new wheelchair

Handy Tip

Bring a recording device with you so that the demo can be recorded and shown to all care staff involved in your postioning. 

Shane’s new wheelchair has changed his life dramatically, he is now pain free and a very happy man. I never thought a change of seat could make such a big difference.
Shane Reilly | Moulded Seat System User
Sam always slept in fetal position. It is very hard to get his body straight as he has CP that affects all his limbs. The sleep system was introduced and Sam now sleeps straight on his back and he's very relaxed in bed.
Sam Forde | Sleep System User
Luke Conway and LC Seating certainly went above and beyond the call of duty. He even came to our house to see if the chair would fit through the doors and general movement. This company pays so much attention to detail to ensure that Karen would have the luxury she deserves..We wish to thank Luke and LC Seating for comfort and support. Without those people, where would we be? Thank you all, we love you all to bits.
Karen | Moulded Seat System User


We would be happy to meet you and show you our seating solutions and answer any questions you might have.

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