Here are some common questions asked by our Therapists and Wheelchair Users. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please get in touch.


Can your foam seat systems be mounted to my existing wheelchair?

Yes we can mount to a number of wheelchairs. These include manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, static chairs, shower chairs, bath cradles, almost anything. There are many different types of wheelchairs on the market. We haven't found a wheelchair that we can't mount a seating system to yet.

What bases can Comfort Company Backs be mounted to?

The Comfort Company range of backrests can be mounted to any wheelchair that has round back tubes measuring from 19 - 30mm

Is foam carve or MSI Mould the best solution?

MSS provides extra rigidity and liners for growth. Carved foam provides higher level of comfort and pressure relief. This choice will be made when all the facts relating to your seating have been gathered and discussed.

Do I need to bring anything with me on the day of my assessment?

"Yes there are a few items you should bring along please:

  1. your own sling
  2. a drink as you could be there for two hours
  3. plain clothes without stripes (unpatterned clothing)

In advance of coming to meet us, please have a think about what the good and bad points are regarding your current seating system and bring these ideas with you.

Think about your home environment – are there any narrow doors or do you have a through floor lift - if the chair was wider would it fit into these things? Think about your transport – if the chair was wider would it fit into the vehicle?"

Do I need to wear any particular type of clothes on the day of assessment?

Just your normal everyday clothes are fine, but nothing too bulky. Please if you can avoid wearing stripey clothes on the day, as this makes it difficult to assess the lines of your body. Clothes with no patterns or stripes are best.

How long will my assessment be?

This does depend on your seating needs, sometimes the assessment can take up to two hours. If you want please bring a bottle of water with you

Who needs to come with me on the day of my assessment?

A member of your care team / family MUST be present as they will be able to give their input on what they require from your wheelchair. Also bring whoever is involved in your day to day support group

Are there colour options for my wheelchair?

Yes there are many colour options for your wheelchair and for the seating system that goes on it. Here's an example from one manufacturer's colour range: link http://kimobility.com/colors.action

Are there any products that you can't source?

We work with a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers to provide a range of solutions. If for some reason we can't source a product, we will let you know where you can buy if from. View our range here

What type of pressure relief will there be in my seating system?

We can use different types of pressure relieving materials. We can offer very high pressure relief when we build in air cushions.


Is single or split shell mould the best option for me?

This will depend on your needs. A slit mould can be adjusted easier than a one piece but the one piece is easier to take the covers off for washing. We will discuss the best solution at your assessment.

What geographical areas do you cover within ROI and N.I?

We have a network of  clinics throughout Ireland, including Ulster, Leinster and Connacht. Unfortunately we don't cover the Munster area - YET!

Where are the locations of your regular clinics?

Please give us a call on 071 9163905 and we can find the closest clinic to you. This may also depend on the location of your community OT.

Is there a service for home or private assessments?

We provide a dynamic service, so yes we can conduct your assessment in the comfort of your home. Please give us a call on 071 9163905 to discuss an appointment.

Separated or intergrated headrests - what are the options?

This is dependent on your needs but a separated headrest will allow for change of position if required at a later stage but we can also supply it integrated. What ever is best for you - we will discuss the options at your assessment and make a recommendation based on your particular requirements.

What are the benefits of Simple Stuff Works sleep systems?

During the day we are controlling posture with your seating system. If we don't address posture during the night, then all the work we have done to preserve posture during the day will be undone. Sleep systems should be soft and gentle and maintain your posture in lying while being comfortable and allowing you to sleep. When you are sleeping, muscle tone lowers and this allows for passive stretching.


What do we need to give you before the assessment?

If we can have as much info regrading the old chair, i.e good and bad points of the chair. Also if you could have postural assessment of the wheelchair user complete with range of motion details that is very useful on the day of the assessment.  

What type of room do we require?

The same size as a clinic room which has enough space for a plinth, hoist and enough room to walk around the wheelchair.

How long after the assessment will I receive the quote?

We try our best to have the quote with you the following day, but this is not always possible so in line with our ISO quality management standards you should receive the quote within 5 working days.  

How long will it take to make the seat?

The process will take no longer than eight weeks. If we needed to complete a system very urgently then we could have this ready in two weeks.


Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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